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The Kauna Tote Bag is a work of art that fuses conventional artistry with contemporary design. It is made from the best materials and features a distinctive fusion of classic and modern aesthetics.detail that defines our brand. With its exquisite design and sustainable ethos, the Kauna Handbag is a symbol of refined style and conscious fashion. Carry sophistication on your arm and make a statement that transcends trends with the Kauna Handbag.

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The Kauna tote bag is a fashionable and useful accessory that has gained popularity recently. Sedge plants of the kauna species, also known as Cyperus rotundus, are indigenous to several regions of Asia, including India, Bangladesh, and Myanmar. Kauna tote bags are evidence of the skill of regional weavers who handcraft these bags. For individuals wishing to lessen their carbon impact, Kauna is a great option due to its sustainability and environmental friendliness. Because these bags are biodegradable, the environment won’t be harmed by their use. Improve your sense of style with personalised Kauna totes. Make a distinctively you fashion statement by customising every aspect, including the colour and embroidery.Follow these cleaning instructions to keep your Kauna tote bag looking its best:To get rid of stains and grime, gently wipe the bag with a moist towel.Avoid soaking the bag or treating it with harsh chemicals because doing so could harm the Kauna fibres.When not in use, store it somewhere cool and dry that is not in the sun.The bag should be filled with tissue paper or a soft cloth to keep its shape.


Weight 0.2 kg
Dimensions 38 × 10 × 28 cm



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