Planter: 100% Sustainability and Naturally Enhanced Style


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Our wicker planter: Explore the countless possibilities that wicker basketry offers by getting involved in the craft.


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Due to their versatility and rustic charm, wicker planter have adorned homes for ages. These woven wonders can be used as utilitarian storage solutions or as ornamental accents. There are many different sizes, forms, and patterns of wicker baskets. There is a wicker basket to suit every requirement, from classic picnic baskets to chic storage containers. Wicker baskets seamlessly complement a variety of interior design trends. You can use them as wall decorations, planters, or magazine holders. There are countless options. Organisational wicker baskets are excellent. They offer a touch of refinement to your area and are ideal for organising toys, linens, or crafts materials.

Please refer various blogs available online for more creative ideas.


Weight 0.1 kg
Dimensions 31 × 31 cm


2 reviews for Planter: 100% Sustainability and Naturally Enhanced Style

  1. Kanika

    It’s glamorous products low affordable available price ☺️ can use for planting
    Such a eco friendly products
    Stunning 🥰

  2. Naomi Barneto

    These garden planters do not crack and don’t break easy, are not too heavy, are non-toxic, rot-resistant wood planters, safe for plant roots, they are good at preventing the soil from heating up too much. Its eco friendly and sustainable every body should prefer handmade eco friendly product which looks amazing as well as good for environment ❤️

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