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Round cane trays ( set of 3)


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Beautiful, trendy, light weight and 100% ecofriendly Cane tray is made by Skilled Artsians and Rural Tribal Communities, Ideal for Puja occessions, Marraiage, can be used to serve meals, act as a simple organiser tray, or simply as a home decorative showpiece – it will enhance the beauty and the look. These trays make gorgeous trays for gifting, gift hamper trays for all festivities. This tray is water resistant and easy to clean up in case of dirt, dust and spilling and is light weight.

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Cane trays are Natural, Sustainable and made from Natural fibres obtained from Cane plants. It has very low impact on environment. Fast-growing and versatile, Cane can help to reduce plastic pollution as a source of both disposable and durable products, which are low-carbon to produce and is 100% Bio-degradable. As cane is lightweight, you can move this product without much effort. The cane is durable and weather resitant product and it can last for a decades. This planter is easy to maintain and clean the dust using a soft cloth or brush. This product is quality for money. It?s very durable and its look won?t even change after several yearsThese products are handcrafted by a group of skilled artisans; hence size, shape and colour may vary from the picture shown here. All products are not exactly the same, they are unique. Please note there are no exchanges, no returns and no refunds on these. There will be replacement only in case of transport damage. Don?t worry, our product quality, packaging and delivery is top class.


Weight 0.1 kg
Dimensions 31 × 6 cm