Sitalpati Bags: The Number 1 Anniversary, Wedding, or Valentine's gift


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Surprise your loved ones with the best anniversary, wedding, or Valentine’s gift – a customized Sitalpati Bags. It boasts a lined zipper for safety, a chic wood handle, and personalized touches. Express your love with this unique and stylish accessory that she’ll cherish, a symbol of your thoughtfulness and enduring commitment.

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Embrace Nature’s Grace with Handmade and Exclusive Sitalpati Bags with Lining, Zippers and Wood Handles,


Weight 0.3 kg
Dimensions 33 × 9 × 24 cm


3 reviews for Sitalpati Bags: The Number 1 Anniversary, Wedding, or Valentine’s gift

  1. Kaviya M

    Beautiful Sitalpati Tote bag 💗 It adds more shining to my style ✨💗 Don’t forget to visit this Website, you can get different beautiful products at reasonable prices ✨💗
    Thank you ✨😀

  2. Maulika pandey

    For me I always go for bags which have more space because I have to carry lot’s of things together on daily basis so I brought this which has an elegant looks & easy to carry. I just love the material and the durability of this bag ✨ thank you grasscrafts for this lovely bag at such an affordable price.

  3. Sunethra K

    My sitalpati bag featuring a wooden handle stands out as a symbol of elegance. From beach escapades to lively parties, it’s my trusted companion, embodying both style and functionality. For personalized treasures, Grasscrafts reigns supreme, offering unparalleled craftsmanship and bespoke creations.

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