hand woven sabai basket for fruits and vegetables

What is a Sabai basket?

Sabai grass is generally used to make baskets, mats, and ropes, among other handicraft items. It is a preferred material for traditional crafts because of its adaptability and toughness.

What is a Sabai basket?

A handwoven basket fashioned from Sabai grass is known as a Sabai basket. These baskets, which are valued for their beautiful designs, can be utilised as practical art or as storage. Sabai grass is used to manufacture the exquisitely gorgeous baskets known as Sabai handwoven grass baskets. These baskets are sought after for their distinctive designs and serve as examples of artists’ skill.

Where are Sabai baskets made?

Sabai grass is widely available in parts of India like West Bengal and Odisha, where Sabai baskets are traditionally created. Moreover, regions of Bangladesh and Nepal are where they are made.

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Sabai grass basket manufacturer

Manufacturers of baskets made from Sabai grass are businesses or craftsmen who focus on creating baskets and other items from this material. They are essential to maintaining this age-old craft. A specific marketplace or platform where regional indigenous Sabai artists can present and offer their wares can be found at grasscrafts.com. Artists may be able to reach more people thanks to their online presence. By encouraging fair trade principles, Grasscrafts.com makes sure that artists are fairly compensated for their labour. Fair labour compensation and clear pricing are two examples of this.

What is made of Sabai grass?

Many items, including baskets, mats, ropes, coasters, and even hats, are made from sabai grass.
Due to its natural fibres, it can be used for a variety of crafts.

Sabai grass products online

Grasscrafts.com sells a range of Sabai grass products, including as baskets and home decor accessories.

Sabai grass baskets wholesale

Businesses and merchants wishing to stock these fashionable and eco-friendly items may get wholesale Sabai grass baskets at grasscrafts.com. In addition to customised possibilities, grasscrafts.com offers bulk alternatives.

Sabai grass basket price

Depending on their size, level of complexity in the design, and level of craftsmanship, Sabai grass baskets can range in price. Normally, more complex and handcrafted baskets might cost more than more basic ones. Grasscrafts.com offers the most affordable prices and value.

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Sabai grass basket near me

Consider visiting grasscrafts.com, which specialises in handcrafted and eco-friendly products, to discover Sabai grass baskets in your area.
For your bespoke retail or bulk order, you can also contact them via phone (6290744782) or Email (abalone@grasscrafts.com).

Sabai grass products

Sabai grass products encompass a wide range of items made from this versatile material. Besides baskets and boxes, you can find planters, coasters, place mats, wall decor, and even fashion accessories like hats and bags among Sabai grass products.

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a hand woven grass box with compartments
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